Keyboard Shortcuts – Without using the mouse

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Method # 1  Window Operations


M        Move the current window or dialog box to a different position.

N         Minimize the current window

R         Reduce the current window

S          Resize the current window

X         Maximize the current window

2.      Use up/down/left/right arrows. 

3.  Press (ENTER)


Method # 2   Select text

1.  Move the cursor using up/down/left/right arrows to the start of the text you want to

2.  Hold the (SHIFT) key down while pressing one of the arrow keys.


Method # 3  Copy, Paste, or Delete text

(CTRL + C)    Select text using the above method.  Use this shortcut to copy the text

(CTRL + V)    Move the cursor to where you want to paste the text.  Use this shortcut to paste it.

(CTRL + Z)    Select the text using Method #1.  Use this shortcut to cut the text.


Method # 4  Tabs in Dialog Boxes

(CTRL + TAB)    Switch between tabs in dialog boxes (e.g., Properties)


Method # 5  Menu Commands in Current Window

(F10)   Shift focus to active window’s “File” menu.

            Use left or right arrow keys to move focus across the row

Press the down cursor key to expand the highlighted menu

Use the down (or up) arrow key to select the desired command.

Press enter


(ALT)  Use this key in combination with the underlined letters