Class Outline

How Stuff Works on Digital Cameras

Comparison Chart

Illustrative pictures

1.  Camera Sensor -- How tiny !            Another View

2. Color depth, 1-bit image

3. Color depth, 256 tones                        Another View

4. CMYK grayscale, 256 tones

5. . Color filter array (Bayer pattern)

6.  True color, 24-bit image

7. Pixels and image resolution               Another View            Another View

8. Depth of Field                                Another View

9. Aperture and Depth of Field

10 Color Temperature

11  Optical vs digital zoom

12  Impact of compression


CNET Digital Camera Buying Guide

CNET Digicam Recommendations

Useful Bookmarks

Fun Pictures


Photos from ZDnet's Guide to Digital Photography (published 2003, no longer available).